The Inner West Tool Library is a volunteer run not for profit community project, providing the inner west community access to a wide variety of tools and other useful resources.


If you're already a member, log in to reserve your items.

If you want to order an IWTL t-shirt or hoodie, head to our online order form


Please return items between 9am and 10am to ensure we can check the item before loaning out again.



We don't want your money! We just want items back and available for other members to use. 
To avoid late fees, make sure you: 
- Return on time (before 10am so the item is ready for the next member) 
- Renew items yourself online if you can't return (if it is reserved by another member and you cannot extend, please arrange a friend to return it) 
- Contact us as soon as possible if you are unable to return an item or renew

Check our Member Borrowing Rules & Item Use Policy for more details. 



Anyone over 18 is welcome to join the Inner West Tool Library.

The IWTL is membership based - $75/year for an adult, $50/year for a concession. The fees go to maintaining the library, tools and building the collection.

It’s easy to sign-up:
1. Create an account online with MyTurn and complete a membership application

2. Read and accept the Liability Waiver and the Borrowing Rules & Tool Use Policy.

3. Make payment via Stripe, purchasing the right membership for you.

4. And please always bring in a government-issued photo ID to the Tool Library crew when borrowing.

Memberships are good for 12 months and can be renewed at any time.

TO RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP: Log in then go to Account – Membership – Renewal Now


Once you have chosen the items to reserve in MyTurn, you must go to the cart and submit it.
Check this MyTurn cart instructional video on how to navigate this (thanks to our mates up in TOOLO in the Blue Mountains for sharing.
Your reservation is only complete when you have received an email from MyTurn.
FYI - the IWTL cannot guarantee item is ready - if an item gets returned same day as your reservation and is not in working order or is a hazard, we cannot loan it out again.


The library is open from 9am to 12pm midday every Saturday (except some public holidays - please check Facebook for updates)

Please keep in mind if you have reserved something, it may need to be returned by the previous borrower that same day. We cannot guarantee the time the item will be returned promptly, though we ask for returns to come back before 10am.

Please respect the tools and borrowing times so everyone is happy! :)

When returning: please return items between 9am and 10am to ensure we can check the item before loaning out again.
When picking up: please pick up after 10am to allow time for any returns to be made


You can check the inventory online without creating an account - look at the top left of this screen.

Please see our wish list for information on donating tools and other items:

Please contact for any other enquiries.